The Occupy Card

The Occupy Card

The Occupy Money Cooperative will provide people with access to low cost financial services. The first service will be The Occupy Card. It's a low cost, full featured pre-paid debit card with a transparent fee structure.

  • The Occupy Card will provide the basic financial services that people need and use on a daily basis without the cost, or the balances required for a regular bank account.
  • The Occupy Card will be an individual’s debit card, a savings facility, and a “virtual checkbook” all rolled into one easy-to-use package: a “bank on a card”.


  • The Occupy Card is an innovative financial product that everyone can use. 
  • FDIC Safety - As the service is covered by FDIC insurance, Occupy Card holders get the same level of safety as a traditional bank account. 

  • The Occupy Card provides everyone with a safe way to pay for items in stores or on the Internet, and a way to send your landlord the monthly rent check without getting nickel and dimed or building up debts.
  • The Occupy Card has a host of mobile apps and other services including mobile deposit capture of checks.



This card will directly tackle the concerns of the unbanked and the underbanked. Users of the Occupy Card will be able to participate in the cashless economy at a significantly lower cost.

The Occupy Card will be a highly useful, high-quality product, based on an innovative concept and platform.  But the card isn’t only for Occupy supporters. People who are unbanked, underbanked, and even just angry-banked will all benefit from using the Card because it is a better and more affordable product.

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The Occupy Card
The Occupy Money Cooperative
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