Mission Statement

Our basic mission as a cooperative financial services organization is to provide fairly-priced, member-managed, and non-predatory financial products to the 99%. 
Our purpose is to revolutionize the current financial system by offering alternative products and services based on the principles of democracy, inclusion, and fairness.


Who we are

The Occupy Money Cooperative was established by a group of volunteers who first met as the Occupy Alternative Banking Working Group, established in the early days of Occupy Wall Street in Zuccotti Park. The group became a committed organization of experienced financial professionals as well as ordinary people, all fed up with business as usual and committed to creating positive change. The coop is run by a small founding board. You can learn more about them here

These are the values that inspired us to establish the Occupy Money Cooperative.  These are the values that guide us in its work. 

Democracy - Customers and staff alike shall have a say in how the Coop is run, what services it might offer, and what policies it should adopt.  The Coop welcomes feedback and discussion.


Inclusion - the Coop should seek to provide services for anyone and everyone, so that no one is excluded, and that in particular its services are available to those currently denied proper financial services (the "unbanked").


Transparency - how the Coop is run, its finances and charges shall be as transparent as possible, while protecting the personal information of its members.


Value - the Coop will offer access to the very best non-predatory financial services at the lowest cost possible, in order to empower its customers and members.


Cooperation - The Occupy Money Cooperative will provide access to non-predatory financial products and services based on principles of cooperation and mutual aid.



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The Occupy Money Cooperative
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