About The Occupy Money Cooperative


The Occupy Money Cooperative is like a bank, but better. 

Like a bank we offer access to financial products like prepaid debit cards. And like a bank your money is FDIC insured. 

But unlike a bank, you'll get a better deal. 

Because the Cooperative will be run by its members. Which means we won't have to answer to Wall Street or to profit-hungry directors. We'll answer only to ourselves. We'll be in control of the products we offer, the way we operate, the future we create. And membership will be available to everybody, no matter where you live or how much you earn. 

But we need your help to launch our first product: The Occupy Prepaid Debit Card. 

The OMC will use the monies that would otherwise flow to conventional financial institutions to:

1- Support the development and design of financial innovation.

2- Provide access to additional lower cost services.

3- Provide ongoing support for ideas the membership is interested in. 

In other words taking money FROM the financial system and using it for beneficial purposes.

People TALK about financial inclusion, financial injustice, changing the system.  The OMC is here to DO something about it.

So please donate today. And take part in the revolution that will make banking fair, transparent 
and affordable. 

This is only the beginning.

Thank you.

Occupy Money Cooperative
Better than a bank 

Donate now.


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About The Occupy Money Cooperative
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The Occupy Money Cooperative
We are a cooperative company that offers low-cost, transparent, high quality financial services to the 99%. Use our services and become a member.